Dear Parents & Guardians

We would like to thank all the parents, guardians and well-wishers of the school for their co-operation and faith in the management and administration of the school in testing times. It is your trust and faith in us which motivate us for better performance.

We openly invite all these parents who want to carve the future of their wards in the best possible way our school provides a platform for the same. Apart from academic work, we focus on the complete personality development of your child. We commit to provide, healthy education to your children by making learning enjoyable and meaningful.

Admission Rules:

***Children who complete 3 (Three) years or 4 (Four) years by May 31st are eligible for admission in Jr.K.G. and Sr.K.G. Respectively.

***Guardians seeking admission for their wards have to produce the birth certificate.

***No admission is complete until the L.C. from the last recognized school attended is produced. It should be countersigned by the Education officer of that state in case the pupil comes from another state.

***The principal reserves the right to refuse any application without assigning any reasons for his/her action.