Rules and Regulations for Parents and Students

For Parents/Guardians:

***Parents are advised to send their child to the school in a school uniform, keeping in mind the point of cleanliness.

***If your child remains absent, sent him/her with leave note showing genuine reason.

***Parents should support and co-operate the school for the picnic or tour arrangement.

***For any Natural or Unexpected accident, the parents cannot blame the school.

***If you find any carelessness on the part of a student regarding his/her study, please contact the Principal and the respective class teacher of your child.

***Please attend the parents meeting regularly whenever you are informed about it.

***For any kind of complaint, please contact to the principal during school hours only.

***Please keep in good touch with the school for the betterment of your child.

***In case, you change your contact number, kindly inform in the office without fail.

***If your child is suffering from any contagious disease, keep him/her on leave up to his/her recovery.

***If the parents change their residence beyond the route fixed during the academic year, the transportation may be chargeable extra. It is only in the case where transportation is not available.

***The parents ought to make sure that their child must take out the school uniform after the school hours, the child must not use the uniform as the routine dress.

For Students:

***A student has to maintain the discipline in the school premises.

***A student must be in uniform every day.

***A student has to maintain cleanliness in the class, on the ground, and of his own self also.

***A student has to keep regularity in the attendance and if he/she remains absent, he/she has to give a valid and genuine reason.

***A student must attend all the Tests and Semester exams.

***A student has to keep his/her parents about his academic progress.

***A student should take interest in other co-curricular activities for all-round development.

***Any kind of indiscipline may result in rustication from the school.

***A student must respect the Principal, The Teachers, other clerical staff, with their seniors and elders and he should co-operate all junior students.

***Indiscipline in the transport vehicles while commuting may be chargeable.

***If the student wants to be absent, he/she must inform to the respective Van Driver in advance for better time utilization.

***If a student changes his residence, he/she will have to inform in the office.

***85% attendance is required out of total working days to sit in the final examination otherwise, the student is not eligible to appear in the examination.